The battle with fear

(Photo by Adam Houle)

Battle with fear. 

    As I think about my greatest fears today, the lies and accusations of my heart seemingly grow as I feed the fear with my time and energy. The fear of that imagined becomes a mountain of despair, I’m left hopeless time and time again. 

    But then I’m gently reminded of why I fight. Love. LOVE is the only reason, and as I focus on that perfect love(because it’s selfless) and I’m strengthened. My hope rises and soars. The strength returns to my bones. I’m ready again for another day of absolute war, because I love. 

I love. And because of that…I am not afraid. 

I choose to stand. 

I stand. 

I stand. 

I will not be moved or swayed in my course. 

I will not be succumbed to the terrors beside me. 

I will focus on perfect love, because in the end, it IS what remains. 

Perfect love endures all, is all.

Adam Houle

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear. -1John 4:18

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