While I wait

While I wait

A day passes me by
I sit and stare
Sometimes at the sky
While I wait
I lose sight of once was
For that time has moved on
As life so does
While I wait
My skin loosens
My hair greys
My eyes lose their glisten
My soul its play
While I wait
I watch those happy to be content
They choose to engage
They pay life’s rent
While I wait
I clutch the monotony
The worlds feeble gray
Within a foggy symphony
Of doubt
While I wait
My mind comes to me
It speaks again of childhood dreams
And what could be
I listen
I imagine
I move
Why not?
While I wait

Adam Houle

Photo by Adam Houle

Ice and Steel


Ice and steel
A coldness alike
A Slippery slope
A fretful fight
The rubber doesn’t meet the road
Direction goes where it may
A battle of skill and might
To live through a winters day
Ice and steel
No forgiveness to give
You bleed but don’t feel
Anything along the way
The sky is blinding white
The earth is pitch black
Ice and steel
The only way back

Adam Houle
All Photos by Adam Houle