Its a new Dawn.


Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life, and I’m feeling good..

Nina Simone- IM FEELING GOOD. <<<Video

I borrow a great line from a timeless artist, Nina Simone.(1965)

I’m quite sure these words had a completely different meaning for Nina, and I can certainly try to understand her joyous out pouring. I will never experience her trials quite as she did, yet I can most certainly appreciate her openness and celebrate her happiness found in the freedom she expresses in the lines of this song.

What I appreciate about this song most is what it means to me in my life, at this moment. Its vibrations lift me and unequivocally soar alongside my soul, celebrating freedom. Freedom of a different kind. One only I can experience as it grows in the confines of my own soul and mind.

And you, what freedoms do you seek?

Where are you held captive?

Is it perspective?


What a revelation! What an energy!

New perspective is illuminating, freeing as the old clothes and old person peels away as every new truth is revealed and embraced.

What truth do you seek?

What change do you want?

How are you going to get it?

What are you doing right now to change your perspective?

Do you want change?

Do you want Growth?

Level up.


Love yourself as you were created.

Different and unique.

Own it.

Love it.

Adam Houle

That Glitter


In the middle,

between here and there.

I see a flash of glitter,

I catch a glimpse of your flare.

I press forward,

my shoes worn away.

I can see my reward,

no more delay.

will this heat burning down never end,

will the wounds on my head ever mend?

Each step is an eternity, not quite real,

and the resolve is a bandage,

that cannot heal.

I tire, I take a break,

I sit down, I shake and shake.

I tip some wine and drink some ale.

I pause, drunken and growing pale.

My vision is blurred,

but from my stupor i look again,

The glitter is afar,

father than it has ever been.

I start again,

more tired than ever.

But this time i will not stop,

until I reach that glitter.

That glitter.

oh the joy it brings

it’s a sliver,

of that which the angels sing.

oh the hope,

it does bestow.

It brings life

a fountain of joy.

Adam Houle

I can’t say I understand


I can’t say that I understand.

Nor in all honesty would I dare to try.

Yet you boldly face every day with hope.

Hope to understand.

Hope to fit the scattered pieces into something recognizable.

Hope to make it though the piercing day.


You hope.


I can’t say that I understand.

How you boldly face every memory and loss.

You hold your bleeding, pulsating heart in your hands for the world to see.

Not that you ripped it from your chest.

Because No.

It was thrust there by callused hands.

The very hands that stole the breath from the life you gave.


Those wicked hands.


I can’t say I understand.

How you boldly visit that day everyday.

You stand down the hall.

Near the door.

Sitting on the edge of the bed.

You stay there to the end.

And as your soul pours forth and begs for a different way you gather yourself and prepare for the next day.


Day after wicked day.


I can’t say I understand.

The empty words.

The looks given to you by those you know.

Their shallowness proceeds them as a shadow at sundown.

Selfishness giving away their emptiness.

Almost as if you were supposed to fill their voids with the very answers you seek.


Those evasive answers.


I can’t say I understand.

By what strength you give continually.

But you do.

It’s your nature.

You fulfill His word by loving those who take and steal.

And you do so more than any.


You’re real.


I can’t say that I understand life the way you’ve come to.

I don’t know that I could be so bold.

The path you’ve walked few would dare and many would quite.

You have fought fiercely.

Even for your next breath which is more than most would do.


You’ve fought.


I can’t say I understand.

I try.


Adam Houle


1/3/13- To Jaime and Fred- Survivors of a murdered child-Elizabeth-The Rose. I hope for healing daily.