Salad days Inspiring ways


It seems that my salad days are more than a toss of choice green cuts with a tantalizing additions of colorful toppings.
Yes these salad days are a painting of carefully grated Parmesan cheese, bright bell peppers, laying next to ripe, rich tomatoes. Mozzarella.
These days afford the sound of a sharp blade landing onto an applewood cutting board . The rasp of a pepper grinder and the rise of its work. The smell of fresh garlic blending with ripe red onions.
It’s the taste of deep red wine washing in these aromas and sensations as the masterpiece is created. It’s the breeze blowing through the house carrying the songs of birds and life. Swirling aromas, sights, sounds into one vast experience.
This is all cemented with sourdough, crisped and colored by an oven fire. Softened by sweet butter and speckled with minced garlic.
Salad days are the melody of art, inspiration, and life, all brought together with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and red wine.
The sounds, the smells, the textures. Such a simple pleasure that thrusts one so close to a sensory paradise.
These salad days.

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